The flashes of life through the darkness


We all are familiar to these flashlights used by professional photographers. These lights, add an extra glamour and perspective to the object that is being photographed. The object, may it be anything-nature, food, event, expression- is the same, yet, it looks different from different angles of the incident lights. It’s up to the capturer of these events to highlight the angle through which the beauty of the concerned object is at its peak. There are several regimes in which they work, on the basis of the location-wildlife, indoor, landscaping, political, photojournalism, etc. All share the same goal, of highlighting the major expression of the object to its peak intensity.

The writers too, should have the same goal. They write and give the best possible depiction of the scenario-real life or virtual. Sometimes they model a story, which shows their enormous capacity of creating a whole different world just with the words. Sometimes they become our guides and lead us on the beautiful path of enlightenment through their philosophical wisdom. Sometimes they become notorious and criticize, sometimes they rebel and stand against the odds of the world.

Out of all the many art forms, I consider the art of photography and art of writing more powerful, because these have the efficiency to show the world in its present form, as well as to inspire us to make it better. This blog is a small humble attempt to explore these two and to learn as much as possible from the world around me.

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